Interpersonal Processes and Social Cognition Laboratory

Forensic Psychology


Dr. Mather has conducted empirical research in forensic psychology issues that include the application of social psychology principles to child abductions/homicides and AMBER Alerts. Psychopathy is regularly examined as a factor in this research.


Research Articles


Mather, R. D., Martinez, A. M., Lord, W. D., & Boudreaux, M. C. (2013, August). The evolutionary forensic psychology of child abductions and child homicides. Journal of Scientific Psychology, 14-22.

Stephens, M. J. C., Mather, R. D., & Braly, A. (2016, June). Testing the effects of AMBER Alerts on face vigilance. Journal of Scientific Psychology, 18-27.


Review Articles


Mather, R. D., & Boggess, A. (2011). The implications of automaticity for evolutionary forensic psychology [Review of On second thought: Outsmarting your mind's hard-wired habits.]. Evolutionary Psychology, 9, 204-206.


Mather, R. D., & McReynolds, E. (2011). From the gutter to the stars: The dynamical system of evolutionary forensic psychology [Review of Sex, murder, and the meaning of life.]. Evolutionary Psychology, 9, 309-312.


McMillan, S. & Mather, R. D. (2013). Miswired miscreants. [Review of The anatomy of violence: The biological roots of crime.]. Evolutionary Psychology, 11, 1062-1066.


Thompson, K. A., & Mather, R. D. (2013). A personality for modern living. [Review of The wisdom of psychopaths: What saints, spies, and serial killers can teach us about success.]. Evolutionary Psychology, 11, 120-125.


Mather, R. D. (2015). [Review of Murder in the courtroom: The cognitive neuroscience of violence.]. Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Books.


Forensic Experience


Graduate Faculty, MA in Forensic Psychology Degree, University of Central Oklahoma, 2012-Present


Program Coordinator, MA in Forensic Psychology Degree, University of Central Oklahoma, 2012-2014


Member, Council on Forensic Science Education, Forensic Science Institute, University of Central Oklahoma, 2012-2014


Psychology Department Intern, Fulton Reception and Diagnostic Center, Missouri Department of Corrections, 1997


Edmond Police Department Citizen's Police Academy, Fall 2013


Member, Edmond Police Department Citizen's Police Academy Alumni Association


Member, National Emergency Number Association Work Group, Oklahoma City Police Department, 2012

Member, Atypical Homicide Research Group (formerly Multidisciplinary Collaborative on Sexual Crime and Violence), 2011-Present


IPSC Forensic Psychology Group


Forensic Psychology students in our laboratory have participated in a variety of experiences, including:


--Forensic Psychology Internships

--Private tours of the Oklahoma City Police Department 911 Call Center

--Private tour of the Edmond Police Department Public Safety Center

--Guest Speaker, Oklahoma Department of Public Safety Commissioner Michael Thompson