Robert D. Mather, Ph.D.

Books by Robert D. Mather


1) Mather, R. D.,  & Romo, A. (2007). Automaticity and cognitive control in social behavior. Southlake, TX: Fountainhead. ISBN 1-59871-165-3.

2) Knight, M., & Mather, R. D. (2008). The analysis of variance: An integrated approach to experimental design. Dubuque, IA: Kendall/Hunt. ISBN 978-0-7575-5167-3.

3) Mather, R. D., & Hancock, J. (Eds.) (2011). The essential Knight: The art of reviewing books in psychology. Southlake, TX: Fountainhead. ISBN 978-1-59871-496-8.

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