Robert D. Mather, Ph.D.

Articles and Chapters

Research Articles and Chapters 
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Durham, J., & Mather, R. D. (in press). Effect of priming Black, Hispanic/Latino, and White faces on firearm and non-firearm identification. Journal of Scientific Psychology.

Book Reviews and Other Articles
DeLucia, P. R., Mather, R. D., Griswold, J. A., & Mitra, S. (2003). Human-centered design of image-guided interventions for minimally-invasive surgeries: Toward a methodology. In Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 47th Annual Meeting (pp. 1579-1581). Santa Monica, CA: Human Factors and Ergonomics Society.
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Journal Editorials 
Mather, R. D. (2008, January). Editorial: Filling our niche in 2008. Journal of Scientific Psychology, 1-2. Link

Mather, R. D., & Jones, J. C. (2008, February). In search of the prize: Is conscious awareness a good thing? [Review of The new unconscious.]. Journal of Scientific Psychology, 3-8. Link
Mather, R. D. (2008, April). Editorial: How to cite a Journal of Scientific Psychology article. Journal of Scientific Psychology, 15-16. Link
Mather, R. D. (2008, December). Skeptical optimism: An open letter to new practitioners of scientific psychology. Journal of Scientific Psychology, 46. Link
Mather, R. D. (2011, February). A good day: Reflections on my Mentor, Mike Knight. Journal of Scientific Psychology, 1-5. Link
Mather, R. D. (2011, April). Skeptical optimism and pragmaticism: Voyage of an academic omnivore. Journal of Scientific Psychology, 24-26. Link
Mather, R. D., & Brand, S. (Eds.). (2012). Foundations for experimental social psychology: Requiem for classic social psychology [Special issue]. Journal of Scientific Psychology, 12-75. Link

Guest Academic Blog Articles

Mather, R. D. (2016, March 4). Why is Donald Trump so insulting in the debates? Great Plains Skeptic. Link

Mather, R. D. (2015, December 3). Implementing mindfulness in the workplace--What are the implications? Great Plains Skeptic. Link

Mather, R. D., (2015, November 18). On accepting refugees and comparing Nazis to ISIS. Great Plains Skeptic. Link

Mather, R. D. (2019, April 30). Oklahoma Academy of Science experts discuss COVID-19 in Oklahoma. Oklahoma Academy of Science Website. Link