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The Latest Informational Operation Against Conservatives

Managing information is key to political power, and the Democrats have struck a mighty blow for that this past weekend. Let’s look at an outline of events.


2016: Maxine Waters calls for conservatives to be harassed in public, calls for impeachment over false Russian Collusion

Early 2020: House impeaches president over a phone call with a brief request to investigate alleged Hunter Biden crimes

Mid-2020: Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez calls for a list of conservatives who have supported the president to be archived for harassment

Mid-2020: Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube suppress stories about Hunter Biden and flag most of the president’s posts

Late 2020: Trump attempts to repeal Section 230, which would force different regulations for Big Tech Social Media companies such as Twitter and Facebook.

Late 2020: Biden appoints Big Tech people to transition team

This week, early 2021: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube ban a sitting president over Capitol riots claiming they were organized on Parler

This week, early 2021: Facebook sanctions 500,000 users for conservative content with a particular hashtag

This week, early 2021: Twitter and Facebook lose users, Parler jumps to #1 in the Apple Store

This week, early 2021: Apple and Google ban Parler from their app stores, knocking Parler off of iPhone and Android devices.

This week, early 2021: Amazon drops Parler servers, forcing Parler to go offline

This week, early 2021: Pelosi calls for impeachment again


The big players in this conservative social media blackout are publicly traded companies. According to

--In 2020, 95.49% of Apple’s employee donations to federal candidates went to Democrats ($5,721,210) versus 4.51% to Republicans ($270,470)

--In 2020, 88.61% of Facebook’s employee donations to federal candidates went to Democrats ($5,964,122) versus to the 11.39% that went to Republicans ($766,608)

--Google did not report their data after 2014. In 2014, they had 60.28% ($1,026,669) of employee donations to federal candidates going to Democrats and 39.72% ($676,457) going to Republicans. However, much has likely changed with their political donations since 2014.

--In 2020, 85.82% of Amazon’s employee donations to federal candidates went to Democrats ($7,339,821) versus 14.18% to Republicans ($1,212,871).


These actions are clearly designed to destroy the ability of conservatives to share ideas with each other and the rest of the world. It is a powerful blow against free speech from a monopoly. As we know, attitudes of citizens are manipulated by politicians. Sometimes it is in hopes of persuading them to something good, sometimes it is in the hopes of persuading them to something that is in the politician’s best interests. However, the actions of Big Tech to silence conservatives by shutting down their competitor (Parler) and silencing a sitting president (President Trump) are the worst actions I have seen in politics. The complicity of the mainstream media and the Biden administration in these events fan the flames of division. The brazenness of the Democrat Leadership to attempt to impeach the president this week pokes the eyes of half of the country.  


I watched two grown men fight over the last CO2 pellet gun at the store on Friday because they were so scared that they needed something to defend their families, even something that would prove to be ineffective to do so. Big Tech wants to break the backs of conservatives by banding together as gatekeepers and shutting down our communications. Let’s hope that free speech and free markets ultimately win the day.


Here is what I wrote in Big Tech’s Role in the DNC’s Informational Operation on November 18, 2020

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