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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Kurt Schlichter, author of "Crisis"

Kurt Schlichter’s new book “Crisis” is his fifth novel in the Kelly Turnbull fiction series. Schlichter, who is known for his column, “Unredacted” podcast, “Fighting Words” podcast, non-fiction books about politics, and generally bad ass-ery, has developed this series of novels to fill the void of entertainment for conservatives given Hollywood’s prominent liberal slant. The author is a retired Army Infantry colonel, protégé of Andrew Breitbart, and a Los Angeles trial lawyer. Perhaps his most noteworthy professional accomplishment was making my phone autocorrect words to “ahoy”, which means the rhetoric of his articles violated my smart phone’s safe space.


I had the opportunity to interview Colonel Schlichter about “Crisis” and his Turnbull series. I plan to start the Turnbull Series by reading “People’s Republic” first. One thing I can guarantee is that this series is highly entertaining with an edge, like the rest of Colonel Schlichter’s work. Be sure to read his non-fiction books “Militant Normals” and “The 21 Biggest Lies About Donald Trump (and You!)”.


Here is our discussion.


RM: What was Andrew Breitbart’s observation about the need for conservative entertainment and how did it influence you to write this series?

KS: Andrew pointed out that conservative can't just complain about how the industry is full of libs. We need to make our own content, but it needs to be good content. The message is secondary - you have to entertain!


RM: Who is Kelly Turnbull? What is a general overview of the series and character?

KS: Kelly Turnbull is the hero, a military guy who finds himself returning into blue America - it has split into red and blue nations - and carrying out missions among the leftist lunacy. Over the 5 books, the character has developed and now he's pretty distinctive - sullen, funny and violent.


RM: If someone is interested in reading “Crisis” but has not read the other four books, should they jump in with “Crisis” or start at the beginning?

KS: Either way - I'd read them chronologically but I don't think you have to. They jump around in time, mostly because I write the stories I feel like writing when I feel like writing them.


RM: As liberals continue to do strange, scary, and mildly amusing things, there have long been rumors that your Turnbull series is the playbook for the left. Do you think they read your series and then make their absurd moves or do you just know them well enough that you can create their absurdities as fiction before they happen?

KS: I started writing them in 2016 and I thought I was going overboard and being a bit wacky and all of a sudden these crazy things I'm writing - like misgendering being a felony - are coming true! I just take the current nuttiness to the next level - and reality is right on my heels.


RM: What is your favorite thing about writing this fiction series?

KS: I have fun writing them and readers have fun reading them. That's key - conservatism need not be bitter and boring. It's fun!

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