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Social Injustice

Social justice is in vogue these days with mainstream culture. Here I discuss some examples of social injustice that should outrage all Americans. Each of these examples illustrates unfairness.


New York City recently counted 135,000 fake votes by mistake in an election. Hillary Clinton still says the 2016 election was stolen from her. How are we supposed to trust our elections when so many errors occur? All we want are fair elections. All conservatives ever ask for is a fair fight.  


People present in the Capitol on January 6th are not receiving the normal treatment from the Washington, D.C. or Federal courts. Normally, those who are arrested for protesting in the Capitol (such as Jane Fonda) receive a standard $50 fine, an arrest record, and no conviction record. For those on January 6th, it is different. Here is an example. A 2018 protester who was arrested from the Senate gallery for screaming during the Kavanaugh vote got the $50 fine and no jail. In contrast, Anna Morgan-Lloyd entered the Capitol on January 6th, caused no damage, spent 10 minutes in the building in a hallway before leaving on her own, and was arrested and jailed for two days before her trial. This resulted in three years of probation with restrictions on firearms, travel, and mandated check-ins with a probation officer. Ashli Babbit was shot by law enforcement for calmly climbing through a broken window with no justice for her death. Hillary Clinton violated an FBI warrant by destroying evidence with no recourse.


We have concluded Pride month, so my Microsoft-mandated Pride month wallpaper has changed back to normal, as have all of the festive corporate logos. I find it bizarre that so many corporations are comfortable virtual-signaling their solidarity on a sexual issue. I find it inappropriate for children to be bombarded with sexualization of any variety. For any social issue, there is a substantial difference between tolerance, acceptance, support, and full-blown promotion. Parents should choose when and how to discuss sexual issues with their children.


Speaking of children, at what point did our society decide it is acceptable to murder children? I have only read the Bible a few times, but I don’t recall anything that says it is acceptable to do that and I remember a lot that says it is not. If someone is not religious, I guess the argument that a fetus lacks awareness is the same as shooting an inconvenient adult house guest in their sleep because they are unaware of it. 


I find it ironic that conservative people of color are being driven from many churches and universities because of the forced opinions of non-people of color on how to be a person of color. A white person telling a person of color how to be a person of color because they know better than the person of color sounds like true white supremacy to me, and is quite condescending. I suspect that Larry Elder agrees with me on this, but you will have to ask him yourself.


Critical Race Theory still teaches people to discriminate based on race and is still Marxist. Purchase my new book “Implicit Biases and the Unconscious: Liberal Biases, Racial Prejudice, and Politics”. It’s your tool to fight Critical Race Theory. 

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