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Goodbye, Mr. Limbaugh

For a few months of the pandemic of 2020, I got to spend my lunch hour listening to Rush Limbaugh on the same old radio I had listened to him on two decades earlier. From his television show to his radio show and even his podcasts, I have spent many years being entertained and taught by the talent on loan from God. Whether listening in my car or on my phone, I have enjoyed every minute of it.

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I will miss his down to earth, passionate conservative commentary and the way that he was unyielding in the face of criticism. He gave conservatives strength even through the small things. I remember one of his shows where he was talking about himself (imagine that…). He said that people were under the impression that he got mobbed and harassed everywhere he went by angry liberals and that he couldn’t go to dinner with his wife. He said that wasn’t true, and that he was never approached or bothered by anyone in public. I thought if Rush Limbaugh isn’t harassed at dinner, then The Conservative Social Psychologist will never be bothered at dinner for being a conservative. Then I found the courage to step back into the fight for conservative values, outnumbered as usual but full of resolve. I would not be the outspoken conservative that I am without Rush Limbaugh’s example, inspiration, and stoicism.

Last year, I wrote to Mr. Limbaugh at a time when he was suffering but said that he still read every letter that came to him. So, this evening as I say a prayer of thanks for his influence and comfort for his family, I like to think that he read my letter.  Goodbye, Mr. Limbaugh. I will miss you every day at lunch.


Letter to Rush Limbaugh 3-23-2020


I started watching your old TV show as a sophomore in high school in 1992 and have listened to your radio show for many years. You have given conservatives across the nation a powerful voice. I am alone in my field as a conservative professor and I write for Psychology Today as The Conservative Social Psychologist. I appreciate that you go on air and fight for us. I pray for your recovery and I thank you for your years of work on our behalf.


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