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A View From the Front Line of Welfare

There are many conservatives who work in mental health as counselors, therapists, and social workers. Outnumbered by liberal ideology, they are men and women who go to work each day to help others. In doing so they often find new rules of behavior and an increasingly oppressive infiltration of progressive ideology that condemns conservative viewpoints. Additionally, they are uniquely positioned to see the failings of many government welfare programs.


Here I interview one of those conservatives on the front line of social work. Due to concerns about employment, he is presented anonymously here. His words are his own, not mine. But his perspective is interesting and worth hearing. Here is my interview with him.


Q: Given that you are politically outnumbered in your discipline, please reveal as much or as little as you wish to disclose about yourself in answering these questions. What are some of your notable work experiences? Have you served in the military or law enforcement?

A: I served in the Navy for 4 years, from 1991-1995, with 2 Persian Gulf tours on warships. I also am a retired police officer, with 17.3 years of service. I have also worked for HHSC (welfare office) and the social security administration.


Q: What is your political affiliation? Who did you vote for during the past several presidential elections?

A: Republican, I have voted for the Republican candidate every time, with the last exception being when Ross Perot ran as an independent in 1992. I voted for Perot that time.


Q: What are the general politics of your co-workers? What about the politics of the people you serve?

A: I would think 80+% are Republican…as for SSI recipients that I currently serve and the welfare people I used to serve, I would think 90% democrats. Many of them are long time benefit recipients, often going back 3 or more generations.  I do not count retirees on SSA benefits, that is not considered a social program like SSI is, since they paid into the program for at least 10 years to be able to collect on it.


Q: How have politics infused the work of some of these jobs?

A: We are not allowed to talk about ANY political candidate at work, to co-workers, or the public, nor can we support them on social media if our page mentions our job. (Hatch Act regulates this.)  Also, policies tend to change depending on what party controls politics…i.e. we will likely soon see a shift in benefits that illegal aliens are allowed to receive.


Q: Have you encountered any situations where conservative political views were discouraged and progressive views are encouraged?

A: Yes, we are forced to do some work tasks such as name change for a same sex couple, or a sex change on a person, even though it is against our political/religious views. I have also been told to not criticize a Democratic Senator (Pelosi), as federal employees are told to support them. I was threatened with disciplinary action if I made further comments.


Q: What changes in the political dynamics of the workplace have you seen over time?

A: None that I can think of.


Q: What advice do you have for conservatives who are entering a job in social work?

A: Stay out of it--common sense is not used, and it is discouraging to see people getting money from the government that they do not deserve.


Q: Is there anything else that you would like to add?

A: In reality, I think most people in jobs like mine don’t think that a lot of the people on benefits deserve them, but we have to follow policies, not common sense. We really just do what we have to do to keep our jobs, even though we don’t agree with it. Case in point, I worked a Medicaid case where the lady a lived in a $500k house, drove a brand new, paid for Cadillac Escalade, got $4,000 per month in child support…but both her kids qualified for CHIP, since child support does not count as income, and resources are not looked at. So, I was making $28,000 per year working there, but had to pay for insurance for myself and my child, but she got it free. Very disheartening! It is the type of job that you don’t necessarily get on purpose, a lot of people just “fell into” a job there.

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